绿色环保员工, 汉娜·布鲁格曼和克洛伊·查普曼, spoke with the Orange County Realtors Association® about how ADUs can be used to meet the housing and environmental needs of individuals and communities without sacrificing a location’s unique qualities, 甚至增强它们, 以及房地产经纪人在实现这一未来中所扮演的角色.

今年3月, 橘子郡房地产经纪人的绿色委员会举办了他们的第一个绿色周, a 5-day event featuring webinars and classes taught by experts in the green building space. bbin体育APP作为活动的最后一名演讲嘉宾加入了庆祝活动, 主持一个题为“地方的无形价值”的会议.“在, we encouraged participants to think critically about what makes a location unique, how ADUs can help preserve a place’s unique qualities over time while also enhancing them, 以及房地产经纪人在建设更健康的社区中所扮演的角色.

When people hear the word “webinar” these days, they generally know what to expect. 但一年后,一切都很遥远, we wanted to try something a little different: giving an interactive presentation using a tool called Nearpod, to help the group learn more about each other and see the big picture of what we all cared about. 要做到这一点, we started by asking participants questions about their careers and knowledge of green building, and they were able to watch their answers appear on the screen in real time.

A slide with participant responses to the question: “How much do you know about ADUs?答案实时出现在屏幕上, 参与者可以为彼此的答案投票.

Though most participants were long-time realtors and Orange County residents, many cited knowing “very little” or “not much” when it came to green homes—particularly ADUs—and a desire to learn more, 展示bbin体育APP在这些话题上的共同兴趣和联系.

让大家思考, we posed a simple question about Orange County: “what makes this place unique?” We briefly walked through some of the county’s major historical moments—from the indigenous tribes who occupied the land for thousands of years to the area’s late-19th-century agricultural growth—to ground the conversation in the area’s history.

不出所料, Disneyland was cited multiple times as a location that makes the county unique, 但这绝不是唯一的答案. bbin体育APP看到的反应突出了该县建筑的巨大范围, 自然, 和人类环境, 参与者提到了诸如好天气之类的品质, 年龄的多样性, and the abundance of 自然 areas as a few of the things that make Orange County special. 这些回答突出了一个地方的独特之处, 居民和游客如何评价这些品质, and gave us a starting point to think about what direction we’d want to encourage ADU development to take.

圣安娜山照片由 Peakvisor.com. This mountain range is one of many 自然 places that participants stated make Orange County special.
Old town Orange的照片,由 橘子城网站. Many participants said that Orange County’s historic areas with small town feels, 就像上图中的那个, 是该县建筑环境的一个特殊方面吗.

在认识到这些品质之后,bbin体育APP会想要保留, bbin体育APP承认这样的现实, 就像加州的其他地方一样, 奥兰治县正在迅速发展. 人口增长和必要的住房开发, 再加上气候变化的现实, mean that changes in the county’s beloved urban and 自然 environments are inevitable.

We encouraged participants to think of ADUs as powerful tools that can be used to handle and overcome these major challenges, while preserving the characteristics and qualities of the place that are so beloved. 就个人而言, ADUs can serve as affordable housing options that also give the gift of flexibility. 它们可以出租, 为房主带来额外收入, or be used as spaces for family members who unexpectedly move back home—something that has been a particular need in the age of COVID-19.

从社区的角度来看, ADUs have the potential to improve 年龄的多样性 by allowing for intergenerational living, bolster racial diversity by allowing tenants to live in areas they would otherwise be unable to afford, 并成为整个社区的多功能空间.

附属居住单元的一个例子,或ADU,从 兰迪斯建设网站.
Additionally, on account of their size, ADUs have relatively small environmental footprints. 因为建造ADU不需要购买土地, 它们可以在不蔓延的情况下支持更高的城市密度, 因此, 帮助保护开放空间和其他自然区域.

批判性的, we wanted to get the group thinking about how ADUs can be developed with the characteristics of a place in mind and seen as an asset for not just a single homeowner, 而是整个社区. 奥兰治县ADU, 例如, 可以利用太阳能利用该地区的阳光吗, 有任务风格的外观来匹配当地建筑, and be built using locally sourced materials to reduce shipping-related emissions. 这只是一个例子. 无论你住在哪里, ADUs give individuals and communities an effective way to meet developmental and environmental demands while preserving a location’s identity.

在结束之前, we wanted to leave participants with an optimistic thought: that realtors have a special role to play when it comes to getting more (and greener) ADUs built in their communities.

Realtors are often the first people with whom new residents interact and establish a relationship. 他们不仅可以在一开始就向客户传授绿色住宅的选择, but they can also help them identify key resources and opportunities to make building an ADU as cost-effective as possible.

当bbin体育APP询问参与者他们在ADU对话中的角色时, 大多数人说他们认为自己是教育者, 提倡, 或指向其他资源的连接点. While many of them had little to no knowledge about ADUs prior to the session, they started to recognize that their unique position as intermediaries gives them the potential to become strong 提倡 for greener homes and build more robust communities.

In conclusion: it’s undeniable that realtors will play a key role in the growth of the ADU market. 然而, let’s not forget that we all have the potential to become educators or 提倡 in our own communities, so long as we use our personal knowledge of green homes to contribute to building healthier neighborhoods.

If you want to see more of the information we presented, the deck is available 在这里.