如果住宅领域没有重大改变,加州在2045年实现无碳电力的目标将是不可能的. 幸运的是, the transition away from gas isn’t just environmentally beneficial; 房主, 租房者, 而使用全电力的物业经理最终会在水电费上支付更少的费用,并在更健康的空间里生活.

电气化bbin体育APP的建筑环境具有提高住房负担能力的主要潜力, improving the health of our neighborhoods, and mitigating the impacts of climate change. 关于 20% of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in the U.S. come from residential energy use, 一项能源与环境经济学(E3)研究估计,改造现有的独栋住宅可以减少30-60%的温室气体排放. 落基山研究所(RMI)的分析还显示,到2030年,强制在加州新建全电动建筑将避免大气中增加300万吨的碳排放, which is equivalent to the amount of CO2 emitted from the annual energy use of 360,000个家庭.

These reductions are essential to meeting California’s climate goals, 但电气化的发展也将是维护拜登政府将美国人口减半的承诺的关键.S. 到2030年将碳排放量. California already has a number of rebate and incentive programs in place, 本届政府的支持将为改造经济适用房打开更多的资源(并以一种减轻种族差异的方式).

You may think of retrofitting as too expensive or more trouble than it’s worth, 但是在家里远离化石燃料是一种有效的方法,可以节省你每月的水电费,并改善你的家庭健康. Making the change will also reduce your electricity rates in the long run; as the gas system ages, the cost of maintaining it will go way up, and those costs will trickle down to 租房者, 房主, 还有那些还没有搬离住宅和建筑物内天然气基础设施的物业经理.


So how much money can fully decarbonizing your home save you? E3的同一项研究表明,仅为加州现有建筑的暖通空调和热水供暖供电,对低层多户住宅来说,每年可节省高达300美元的成本,对单户住宅来说,每年可节省750美元.

For multifamily properties in particular, retrofitting can serve as a key way to preserve unit affordability. The MacArthur Foundation studied 81 units with energy efficiency upgrades in Orlando, 佛罗里达, and found that an energy use reduction of just 22% saved tenants an average of $272 a year, for total electrical bill savings of $68,913 between all of the units. Across the entire multifamily sector, 美国节能经济委员会(ACEEE)估计,15%的能源节约和30%的天然气节约可以为多户家庭每年节省20亿美元和1美元的电费和天然气账单.3 billion, respectively.

When it comes to new construction, the savings can be even greater. RMI去年年底的研究发现,在七个气候迥异的城市中, it was always cheaper to build an all-electric home than its mixed-fuel counterpart. 与新建筑, the cost of extending gas lines (usually in the $5,000 to $10,000 range) can be completely avoided. New homes can also be set up with a single heat pump system for heating and cooling, which is hugely energy-efficient compared to more traditional infrastructure.

Health and economic benefits
Transitioning away from gas also has major health benefits. 在很多家庭, especially those in low-income communities of color, 天然气基础设施造成的室内污染水平如果在室外测量是违法的. 哈佛大学最近的一项公共健康研究估计,室内燃料燃烧造成的空气污染是罪魁祸首,500 premature deaths in California in 2017.

不要使用厨房里的燃气设备,可以使家里的二氧化氮水平降低50-400%. 澳大利亚气候委员会(australian’s Climate Council)最近的一份报告发现,使用煤气炉的家庭中儿童患哮喘的风险实际上与二手烟相关的哮喘风险相似, 因此,做出这样的改变——以及在家里其他地方改用电空间和水暖——是避免引发呼吸道健康问题的关键方法.

The all-electric transition would also be an economic boon, creating many more jobs than those lost in the transition away from gas. 加州大学洛杉矶分校2019年的一项研究估计,到2045年完全将加州的新建和现有建筑电气化,可以支持100多人,000 full-time construction, 制造业, and electricity generation/distribution jobs annually, even after accounting for lost gas extraction jobs.

Making the switch to all-electric affordable
Most people don’t have the money to retrofit their home or property all at once, so they choose to retrofit in steps instead. 如果你对从天然气到电力的转变感兴趣,但担心前期成本, 你很幸运,有许多项目和资源可以让房主和物业经理更负担得起这个过程.

看看你的公用事业bbin提供的激励和帮助项目是一个很好的开始. PG&E, 南加州爱迪生, 和南加州燃气bbin都有能源节约援助计划,为符合条件的房主和租房者提供免费升级服务, as well as rebates on a number of energy-efficient appliances. These companies also have rebates available for multifamily property owners and managers, with SoCal Gas in particular offering incentives for whole building retrofitting.

此外,还有针对单户和多户住宅的太阳能安装激励计划. If you’re a single-family homeowner, 研究GRID为所有和弱势社区提供替代能源——单户太阳能住宅(DAC-SASH)项目, 它们分别为符合条件的家庭提供免费太阳能和为安装提供预先奖励. 业主和管理人员可以查看太阳能多户经济适用房(SOMAH)项目, which provides incentives for PV installation on multifamily affordable housing.

Retrofitting Guide with DIY Options
另外, 如果你想更全面地了解不同的电气化方法和电器成本, 红杉能源bbin最近发布了一份改造指南,其中包括在预算内给你的家通电的聪明建议. 例如, by taking advantage of existing wiring and doing the install yourself, you could invest in an induction cookstove, a plug-in convection oven, 一种便携式热泵制造技术, and an easy-to-install heat pump water heater for only $2,000 (less than their estimated cost for purchasing and installing just an electric stove).

Resiliency Initiatives
As climate change continues to intensify the extremity of weather events, 自我发电系统将成为确保家庭弹性和舒适度的重要方式. Having a backup battery ensures that you have power during an outage or shutoff, and can maintain access to essential loads, 如冷却, 在热浪. Through the Self-Generation Incentive Program, 南加州爱迪生bbin将主要承担为符合条件的租户和房主安装这些储能系统的成本.

There’s always more to learn about electrification, 脱碳, 和改造, so it’s important for industry workers to stay as up to date as possible. 尽管PG&E Energy Centers isn’t offering in-person courses right now, you can still sign up for their free professional training webinars, borrow from their tool lending library, and check out their resources on energy efficiency and conservation. 三县区域能源网络(3C-REN)也提供关于全电力建设的远程培训, 纽约州能源研究和发展局(NYSERDA)已经建立了一个免费在线清洁能源培训的综合目录.

So long as you take advantage of the incentive and rebate programs out there, electrifying a home or property can be a viable option for anyone. And making the change comes with a slew of other benefits. You’re not only doing your part to reduce emissions, 但你也在采取措施节省资金,改善你或你的建筑居住者的健康.

这里所描述的回扣和激励措施仅仅触及了现有措施的表面. Check out this list to learn more about some other programs: